A little sister living in Cuba wrote the following to wish us the Easter blessings of the Risen One: Easter Resurrection: Life has conquered death.  Everyday.  The Risen One does not make himself present in what is extraordinary, but, as lsr Magdeleine, our foundress, would say, in what is “extraordinarily simple.” Jesus said to the women to whom he had wanted to show himself first after the Resurrection, “Go tell my brothers to go to Galilee.  There they will see me!”
During Christmas time the little sisters of Warsaw, Poland, went out to meet the homeless and street people. They tell us here about their experience and what they received from these encounters: From lsr Violetta:   As for organizing this "Christmas Message", we let our hearts be our guides.  We wanted simply to share the Peace and Joy brought by this God who descended to our earth as a little tiny infant, poor and powerless. This little child, full of trust, stretches out his hands to us and, smiling, invites us to take hold of him.  
“Would you like to go to Damascus this year?  Yes, of course!!!”  And it was with great enthusiasm that I left Lebanon for Damascus with my sisters Jeanne d’Arc and Mariam Nour.  It was with joy that I returned to this neighborhood and our parish and friends as I had spent my second year of postulancy there.
In Poland we have a community in MACHNOW, a little town of 170 inhabitants, where the people are poor and forgotten by everyone.  Here is what the little sisters there did to share the joy of Christmas.  
    discovering spiritual friendship among novices in Asia From novices in the Philippines: What a gift for our international noviciate in the Philippines to welcome the 3 novices from Vietnam for two weeks in May this year!  It was a great joy to be together and get to know one another through sharing daily life as well as through sessions on friendship and the offering of our lives.
While we were meeting in Øm, Denmark, in the peaceful setting of our place there, lsr. Noële surprised us by her unexpected and sudden death on the morning of August 2nd  2017 after experiencing some abdominal pain.