Canonization of Blessed Paul VI


   Sunday, October 14th is the canonization in Rome of Blessed Paul VI, Archbishop Oscar Romero, and 4 other new saints.  For Paul VI it has been 40 years since his death.  After the death of John XXIII, it is he who continued Vatican Council II and saw it through to the end.  Many people see him as the Pope of openness to the world and the travelling Pope.  .
   Little sister Magdeleine, who had just founded the congregation of the Little Sisters of Jesus, met Bishop Montini for the first time at the Vatican in December 1944 when she went to present her supplications to the Holy Father to accept a poor congregation, which was something unacceptable at that time.  A friendship was born from that meeting.  He was a great help for lsr Magdeleine in those beginning times.  Here is what she wrote to Bishop de Provenchères on July 13, 1948: “I saw Bishop Montini who was extremely nice.  He told me that he was sure that the Church will accept our poverty grounded as it is in our working communities.”  When he became Pope, he came to Tre Fontane on September 28, 1973: “I came to get to know the charm of the poverty that constitutes the secret of your congregation… the second reason for my visit, which will remain engraved in me, is to recognize you as Church and to tell you that the Church is really happy about your existence… Pray for me and I pray for you.”


Along with lsr Magdeleine, may he continue to pray for us!