For Charles de Foucauld, Christmas was a mystery of poverty and self-emptying, but also a mystery of simplicity and joy.

 He wrote: “By making himself a baby so small, so gentle, Jesus calls to you: Approach with confidence!  Come up close!  Do not be afraid of me! 

Take me in your arms and adore me….  Do not be afraid before so gentle a child, smiling and holding out His arms to you.  Do not be so shy. 

He is your God….  Be all tenderness, all love, all confidence.”  

And little sister Magdeleine continues: “The little Jesus is a tiny child full of gentleness, full of tenderness.

 He is full of weakness and helplessness as to outward appearances, but God lies here in all His infinite Power and Wisdom….

  He chose to veil all that so this mystery might be accessible to the little, to the very little.  He has revealed all these things to the humble and the little.”  

“Put your hand in his little hand, close your eyes and let yourselves be led….”


                       Emmanuel: God among us until the end of time!