Ours communities in the Cameroons:



 Our community at the heart of the Church in the Cameroons.



And, since 1996, the little sisters there welcome little sisters from the French-speaking countries of Africa for their theology studies.  We live in the heart of the Ngousso neighborhood where friends and neighbors like to come pray with us.  One of the little sisters assures a presence at the prison, going there for Gospel sharing and Sunday Mass. 


 Founded in 1963 in the mountains of the west.  

It is consecrated to welcoming little sisters and friends who come for longer times of prayer (community of adoration).  The quiet setting helps a lot for that.



  Right now there is an international novitiate going on there with 5 novices from three different nationalities.  

In addition to garden work, the novices make candles and soap.





This community had been hoped for since 1979 but only came to be in 1998.

 It is located in the English-speaking zone and the little sisters live in a working class neighborhood as a simple presence of friendship with the neighbors, sharing their joys and                                                                                                                               

sorrows.  One of the little sisters works in a health center run by the Benedictines where natural medicines and medicinal plants are used for healing. 


Founded in 1952 in the midst of the southern forest, during lsr Magdeleine’s first trip around the world. 

This community is especially present to the Bagyeli Pygmees, a people of the forest, who come to the hospital in the village for medical care.  The little sisters are involved in welcoming them and try to help them gain dignity as a people through several initiatives.  One little sister is a receptionist at the hospital pharmacy and is involved in their follow-up care.  Our friendship for over 60 years with the Bagyeli was woven and reinforced through the years by visits in their encampments.



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