Lsr Annie's Testament

Bethany, near Jerusalem

August 22, 1982


This is my testament


I possess nothing and that’s how I wish to die. […]

It is a treasure far more precious than gold and silver, and it is this that I would like to bequeath not only to my family and to the Little Sisters but to all of humankind.

This treasure is the unshakeable conviction that God exists and that He is Love. 

It is Faith in the God of Jesus Christ, He who is Mighty Lord and our gentle, humble Brother, who lived in this land of Palestine less than 2000 years ago and who, like us, knew the joy of living and the anguish of dying. 

It was in watching my grandparents and parents living it that this Faith, a gratuitous gift of God, took root in me.  Then the Church and the Fraternity made it grow and strengthened it over the years.  And, in the evening of my life, I would like to bear witness that it is a path that does not deceive.  I believe that it is the answer to the quest for the deep meaning of existence that we each carry within ourselves and to the thirst for the absolute that ceaselessly emerges in the depths of the human heart.   

Following Jesus, poor, obedient, handed over out of love so that we might have life, is a journey that is challenging and I am aware of having followed him very poorly.    But at the heart of my infidelities and weaknesses, I have experienced the tenderness and forgiveness of God.  So I would also like to testify that we must never be afraid of God because of our wretchedness for he hears the cry of the poor and is always seeking the child who is lost.  

And finally, I want to say that even if death holds its share of anguish for me because it is for life that we are made, I know deep down that it is not the end of everything but a beginning.  It is the necessary tearing away that gives access to the true life that will bring us to the one whom we will finally get to see as He really is, He who will wipe away every tear from our eyes.

Oh yes, come Lord Jesus. 

Little sister Annie of Jesus (A. M. Bras)

Bethany, August 22, 1982